April 2023

Dear Friends,

My good friend Bo Prosser is a Christian educator in North Carolina, and is known for his conviction that people are best engaged in congregational life when they are “prepared for and cared for.” That, of course, is the role of your church staff. We work to prepare and care for you. But ask any of our ministers, program leaders, and administrative assistants, and you will be told quickly that we can’t do it by ourselves. We need you to help as well.

It’s good theology too. The word “worship” literally means “the work of the people,” and that doesn’t just go for worship. Everything we do to share the grace of God in Christ Jesus, whether it is done in pulpit or pew, classroom or kitchen, speaks of our devotion to the One who gave everything for us.

The task of ministry is to make and train disciples of Jesus, to be the presence of Christ in our community. The Apostle Paul wrote, “There are many members, yet one body…Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it” (1 Corinthians 12:20, 27). Do a thorough study of Paul’s ministry in the churches and you will find that he definitely had his challenges, especially with those who wanted to make the church over in their own image.

How blessed we are at Second Presbyterian with a spirit of cooperation and teamwork! But that doesn’t mean it happens without the due diligence of our commitment to work together in preparing for and caring for those we meet.

Some of you who read this will be experienced at church participation and leadership. Or, perhaps, you have served in other congregations and now want to share your gifts with this church. It could be that this would be a new endeavor for you, that you have never volunteered in church life before. Regardless of where you might be, we need you! And, frankly, I think you need to be engaged in the life and ministry of our church as well. Paul also said that God “loves a cheerful giver,” and I don’t think he was referring to just a financial gift. How about the gift of your time and talents and energy?

This booklet provides so many ways you can do just that, how you might be engaged in what we do here at Second. So please, read this booklet and see where you feel led to minister with us. Then, fill out the Time and Talent Covenant and return it. I am convinced we can count on you as you consider and pray about how you can be a vital part of our ministry as we share it together.


Randy Hyde
Transitional Pastor/Head of Staff