March 2020

Dear Friends,

The mission of Second Presbyterian Church is big. It is too big for only a few to manage. It is a mission of getting the gospel of Jesus Christ outside the walls of this church in a thousand creative ways. And it’s a mission of providing good care for the people who are here.

This site describes a multitude of ways you can be directly involved in the mission of Second Presbyterian Church—from teaching the Bible to adults or children to serving meals to the homeless poor in downtown Little Rock; from sharing the love of God by visiting hospitalized members to helping build a Habitat for Humanity house.

This year, Time and Talents Covenants are being received during worship on March 15 in much the same way we receive pledges of financial support—by bringing them forward and putting them in baskets on the Communion Table. If you are not in worship that day, you may fill out your choices and mail your Time and Talents Covenant to the church office or complete the covenant online.

Every member of Second Presbyterian Church has gifts and skills which can be helpful in the nurture and witness of this congregation. God has blessed us by giving us each other, with the diversity and capability among us. Please take seriously this call to serve God through the life of this congregation.

Christ’s peace,

Steve Hancock
Pastor/Head of Staff