The Ministry meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. This team focuses on families with young children, particularly families with infants through elementary-aged kids. Ministries with young families are designed to nurture the faith of the whole family, and include fellowship, outreach, and study opportunities. If you are interested in serving on this ministry, please indicate your interest under “Families with Young Children Ministry” on your Time and Talent Covenant.

Host a Party or Event

The ministry occasionally has events away from the church. If you are able to share your home or help host an event, please select Y09 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Connections Sunday School Class Planning Team

This Sunday morning class meets from 9:50-10:50 a.m. The class gathers for fellowship, laughter, and discussion of various topics, with a focus on how our faith shapes our day-to-day life. The topics of the series change every few weeks, often following the liturgical calendar and always addressing the journey of life and faith together. To help with planning for this class, please select Y10 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Family Education and Support Team

If you’re interested helping plan and implement ways in which families are supported in faith formation and faithful parenting please select Y11 on your Time & Talents Covenant. We are open to learning about or exploring a variety of topics.

Family Retreat Planning Team

This team plans a Spring Family Retreat at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center. It is a retreat that builds new relationships among families and deepens existing family connections. We have a leader for keynote presentations and worship, as well as offer small group activities, music, family sabbath time, and fellowship. If you would like to help plan this event, please select Y12 on your Time and Talent Covenant.

Outreach with Families with Young Children

We occasionally arrange outreach opportunities around our community. The work might be physical, or relational, depending on the setting and needs. Sometimes we will follow with a meal or other outing just for fun. To help plan and lead these events, select Y13 on your Time and Talents Covenant.

Ladies Night Out

The women love to get together a few times a year just to relax. This special night can take many forms such as pottery, painting, book reads and more. If you would like to help plan and lead these events, please select Y14 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Guys Events

This newly created group seeks to create events for the men in the family. These events are planned and driven by men. If you have some ideas for ways men to engage life, faith, and get to know other men better, please sign up. Select Y15 on your Time & Talents Covenant if you are interested in attending or have ideas.

Trivia, Game Nights, Movies, and More

This catchall category includes plenty of options for fun family time together on weeknights or weekends. This category also includes parenting help as well as marriage and family enrichment. We are very open to new ideas! To help plan and lead these events, select Y16 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

“You Belong” Welcoming Team

Every family is important to us so we want to create a warm and inviting place where everyone has a space to belong. This newly created group will reach out, welcome in and, listen for new ideas. If you are one that loves Jesus and thinks of Second Presbyterian as “home,” select Y17 on your Time & Talents Covenant.