The Outreach Ministry meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday evening of the month, and it develops and nurtures the congregation’s efforts to reach outside Second Presbyterian Church to help others and to support the mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA). If you’re interested in serving on this ministry, please indicate your interest under “Outreach Ministry” on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Bale Elementary School

Volunteers are needed to help with our school partnership at Bale Elementary School. Volunteers can serve as weekly mentors or reading tutors as well as monthly classroom readers. They can also help with special events or teachers/staff appreciation week. There is also a need for on-going office and classroom volunteers. Please select O01 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Stewpot Meal Ministry Substitute Servers

Volunteers are needed each Friday to serve meals to members of our community who are in need. While our serving teams are currently full, we are always appreciative of people who can volunteer as substitutes when our regular volunteers can’t serve. Please select O02 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Hunger Action Team

This team plans and coordinates educational and service opportunities related to issues of hunger in our community. Please select O03 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Shepherd’s Hope Medical Clinic

This medical clinic for those without medical insurance provides general health, dental, and eye care as well as counseling services. There is a special need for medical volunteers and Spanish language interpreters. Please select O04 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

International Mission

Our congregation, through the Presbytery of Arkansas, partners with the Presbyterian Church of Honduras in service and mission. Our church, through this partnership, works with Heifer International to build homes in impoverished areas as well as Solar Under the Sun to bring solar power to rural communities without electricity. Select O05 on your Time and Talents Covenant.

One-Time Opportunities

Sometimes volunteers are needed for service projects that happen only once or on an occasional basis, and the Outreach Ministry would like to keep a list of members who are interested in being contacted when such opportunities arise. Select O06 on your Time & Talents Covenant.