The Property Ministry meets at 5:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. Volunteers and officers plan for and supervise the maintenance, housekeeping, improvement and care of the church building and grounds. If you’re interested in serving on this ministry, please indicate your interest on the first line under “Property Ministry” on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Memorial Prayer Garden Committee

This group of volunteers works to keep the prayer garden beautiful. They refresh plantings seasonally and ensure that plants and trees are well-maintained. Please select Q00 on your Time & Talents Covenant.


This is a group of individuals who like to work outside with hand tools improving and maintaining landscaped areas. You need not be an expert, just enjoy working with plants and shrubs in a small group. Our campus is divided into several areas and each group has their own area of responsibility. Once or twice a year all the groups might come together and have a work day. Individual groups work when time is available for all their members. Please select Q01 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Alarm Committee

Volunteers are needed to respond when notified by the church’s security company. You will meet with officers from the police and/or fire department responding to the alarm to open doors and inspect the building and grounds. Please select Q02 on your Time & Talents Covenant.