The Young Adult Ministry is a community of faith and fellowship for young adults without children, primarily those in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s. Through community, fellowship, study, and outreach, the Ministry seeks to create opportunities to connect to God, the church, each other, and the world. The Young Adult Ministry meets at 7:00 p.m. on we week night. Meeting locations vary as the Ministry team explores what opportunities our community has to offer. If you are interested in serving on this ministry, please indicate your interest under “Young Adult Ministry” on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Host a Party or Event

The Young Adult Ministry regularly has events away from the church. If you are able to share your home or help host an event, regardless of your age, Please select Y00 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Young Adult Float Trip

This young adult outing historically involves a canoe trip on the Buffalo River. To help plan and lead this trip, select Y01.

Lead a Class or Study

If you are interested in teaching or leading a discussion in any of the study opportunities for young adults, Please select Y02 on your Time & Talents Covenant. We are open to learning about or exploring a variety of topics. Study opportunities may include Bible Study, Sunday School, retreats, Wednesdays Together, and other specifically scheduled mid-week gatherings.

Young Adult Retreats

We know young adults are always on the go, so the Young Adult Ministry offers two annual retreats – one in the summer, one in the winter. Of these, only one will be an overnight retreat. If you would like to help plan one or both of these events select Y03 on your Time & Talents Covenant. If you are interested in leading activities at either retreat (discussions, keynote, music, recreational activities, etc.), Please select Y04 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Outreach with Young Adults

We hope to provide service opportunities in our church and community once a month. The work might be physical, or relational, depending on the setting and needs. Sometimes we will gather for a meal or other fun outing following these service projects. To help coordinate these events, select Y05 on your Time and Talents Covenant.

Trivia, Game Nights, Movies, and More

This catch-all, just-for-fun category includes plenty of options for time together on weeknights or weekends as our Young Adult community grows. We are very open to new ideas! To help plan and lead these events, select Y06 on your Time & Talents Covenant.

Coordinate a Small Group

The Young Adult Ministry is looking for peers to initiate small groups as an organic approach for young adults to get to know one another better. Whether they are looking for a UAMS group, runners group, #adulting group, or anything else, select Y07 on your Time & Talents Covenant to be a part of this exciting new adventure.

College Connections

Interested in helping our Second Presbyterian college students continue to feel loved and cared for even while away? We need help brainstorming and implementing fun and meaningful ideas to support the members of our church family that are not able to plug into opportunities locally. Select Y08 on your Time & Talents Covenant to jump on board.