We are invited by Christ to share our time and talents to serve God and others. Please consider prayerfully what you can commit of your time and talents for the coming year; then complete this covenant with joy and thanksgiving.

There are 3 easy ways you can share your time and talents. Just choose the ways that work for you.

Volunteer to serve on one of the Ministries of Second Presbyterian

All members are invited to work alongside officers in the planning and implementation of our programs. This commitment includes attending regular Ministry meetings and helping with the work of the Ministry. Rank your Ministry choice with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd to indicate your preference. Every effort will be made to honor your preferences. Ministries and their activities are listed in alphabetical order.

Choose specific jobs you can help with in any of the Ministries

The lists underneath each Ministry outline specific opportunities where we anticipate that volunteers will be needed sometime during the year. You may or may not be contacted to help, depending on the level of interest by others. Feel free to mark as many areas as you like. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to fulfill a specific request, you can always decline the opportunity. Please select all the areas where your time and talents may be used.

Let us know of talents you’re willing to share in any capacity

Review the list at the end of the Time & Talents Covenant and mark all those that apply. If an opportunity arises where your services could be utilized, you may be contacted.